Weta Photo Gallery (Page 1)


Photography by Rod Morris and Dr George Gibbs.


Metallic in appearance, the 

Kaikoura bluff weta is well 

adapted to 

its mountainous habitat.

A male Wellington tree weta, with its characteristically enlarged head compared with the female below.
The female Wellington tree weta.  Note the curved ovipositer.
Juvenile Poor Knights giant weta (8mm in length).
The mating process - the male (left) passes the spermatophore to the female (lasts a few minutes).
A female ground weta with a spermatophore attached to the base of her ovipositor after mating.  The spermatophore is a gelatinous capsule containing sperm.
Cave weta have antennae that almost touch and lack adhesive pads on their tarsals.


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